Creating something with your own hands will bring you the biggest satisfaction you can have. Imagine it this way: you have a bag of cement, some water a big bowl. In this formula they are just a bunch of ingredients/ materials. But, you can use your hands to transform them. You have the power to create something, maybe even a piece of art. You never know what can came out of your hands. Projects like can help you realize how much talent you have. Or, they can simply be a new passion, hobby. It’s a great way to spend your free time and you can also make this projects with your family.

This “DIY –  do it yourself” projects will help you to create a bond with the people you are doing it with. Also, they can make nice gifts and you can use them to immortalize a very special moment of your life. As you probably know, nothing lasts forever. This is way this kind of projects can help you to keep those memories alive.

One of the projects is teaching us how we can keep our babies foot little forever. Well you will only need some cornstarch, baking soda and water. To prepare them you’ll need a bowl, a spatula and a frying pen. After you have mixed the ingredients into the bawl, you’ll add them in the warm frying pen. Stir into the composition until it is well compacted and homogenized. At the end of this process you will something similar with white dough. The next step is to shape that dough in a circle or a square at the size that you want it. Them apply anything that you want to never forget: your baby’s foot, palm or your first apartment key’s.  And this is just one of the projects that you can find in this video, there are lots more.

Let’s get creative!

If you have some free time in one of the weekends and don’t know what to do, maybe you’ll find this projects appealing:


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