Do you think guest first notice the toys spread around the house? The lack of dusting? The dirty dishes? The entire home design? You would be surprised but no. Here are the 5 things guests notice when they first visit your home.

Home scent

Maybe it is hard for you to believe, but when the guests enter a home, they notice first and foremost the home scent. It can be pleasant or unpleasant. In other words, if you have cooked a little before welcoming someone, be sure that – although you don’t realize it – s/he will notice the smell of food. This is why you’d better have at hand a candle or some scent sticks, which will spread a very pleasant fresh scent.

The bar

When you have unexpected guests, you may get panicked because you don’t know what to put on the table for them. You should always have a bar at home, well stuffed, so you can offer them a drink. You can arrange such a bar „at sight” and it will distract their attention from other things that are not exactly in order in your home design.

Fresh flowers complete a home design

Flowers are an impressive decoration. But be careful and have them fresh all the time. You can choose flowers in pots, like the orchids, which resist a long time and don`t need much care.


Eh well, hardly in the forth place is the clutter so much blamed by each of us. But this is not as serious as it seems. Integrate in you home design a deep wood tray, for example, in which you can put all little things, such as keys, remote controls or envelopes with unpaid invoices. Your guests will feel relaxed in a room that seems well organized, even if this is just an appearance!

home design

The bathroom

The bathroom is like a business card. The cleaner and more organized, the more admired the person who lives in and takes care of that house. This is why you should have always at hand clean towels, toilet paper in house, cleaning rags for the floor and a freshener for a pleasant air in the bathroom.

home design

What do you see first when you visit a home?


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