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Well.. it’s that time of the year when holiday is on our mind. Everyday. So, if you are like us, you most definitely think about getting your own small cottage somewhere near the city so that you could escape there every weekend. Or, even better, you can build it yourself. We have here an amazing example that only needs few building skills. 

Here’s a glimpse of the living room that can also work as a quest room when you have friends over or as a office space if you choose to work outside the city and let yourself inspired by the nature.

This is a lovely view, don’t you think? When building or buying a country home, you should look for big windows. The scenery is a big plus of having few days off. So take advantage of it. No matter if you have a small garden that you can nurture or just a few trees. Nature gives you peace and inspiration.

Small open kitchen

One must eat, isn’t it? But a small kitchen is enough for a retreat like this. You only need the basic, so don’t go head over heels with buying expensive kitchen appliances. Less is more in this case!

And, in the end, the fresh air is the whole point of having a small cottage outside the city, right? So look at this simple chair, in the middle of the fresh grass. Paradise, isn’t it?

small cottage


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