There is not one child who has not dreamed of a secret camera as the one in the movies. And probably every adult still has his childhood dreams. If you do not live in a studio, but you are the happy owner of a yard home, then you have all the possibilities to fulfill this desire.

This is a great way to decorate if you have valuable goods that you want to keep away from the thieves’ eyes. Or if you simply feel the need for a very intimate place to hide when you do not want anyone and nothing, a secret room is the solution.

Obviously it’s not a job to do by yourself, you’ll need a designer to create a special system. And that’s because strong structures are needed to support access to this kind of room. Here are some examples of such secret rooms proposed by

1. The magic mirror

Even the most experienced thieves could be fooled by this mirror. Impressive by its size and the beauty of its frame, no one would suspect it is, in fact, a huge vault.


2. The false wall

If you are imagining yourself in adventure movies where characters quickly disappear on a fake wall, you have to know that you can bring these scenes right to your home. A seemingly harmless wall can hide a door to a cared place only you and your family know.

3. The secret of the books

The living room where you are greeting your friends can also host a secret entry. You can simply mask such an wall by using library shelves.


4. No one would guess

No one could suspect that behind this massive wooden library is hidden an office. Here you can hide when you need a lot of peace, either for reading or to put your thoughts in order.


5. Under the stairs

It seems like a child’s game using a remote to raise the ladder and discover a secret passage underneath it. Well, no matter how funny it may seem, this is actually possible. You’ll need a special structure to built this mobile ladder.


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