Do you remember when, as a teenager, you used to keep all the roses that your boyfriend give to you for Valentine’s Day? Then they were a dear memory, but now the wilted flowers can become a décor effect in your home. Here’s how you can decorate your house with dried flowers:

1. Baskets

flower decoration

Dried flowers are a chic way to embellish your home. And it is by far the most handy decoration. All you have to do is not leave the flowers in the vase until they die. Ever since they are fresh, take them out of the water, bind them with a bang as a bunch and hang them upside down in a dark place (a closet, for example).

They will dry out nicely, they will retain their shape, but also the color. After at most two weeks, pluck the flowers and leaves of the stem and put them in a rabbit basket. You will get a charming decoration, good for the living room table.

2. Transparency

flower decoration

Fill a transparent bottle with a wide neck with petals and flower leaves and you will get an extremely colorful decoration. The downside is that you will not enjoy it too much, because the flowers will mold, as they are stuck and oxygen free. But at least for a few days, you will have a lovely decoration.

3. Candles and Flowers

flower decoration

Combine a thick candle, glue and add some dried leaves and you’ll get a very romantic decoration. All you have to do to keep it as long as you can, after the glue is dried add a layer of lacquer over the flowers. Thus, they will shine brighter when the candle is lit.

4. Paintings: Flower Decoration

flower decoration

Press between the files of a book different flowers. In 3-4 days, they will dry out, and with a little glue and a thick sheet of paper, you’ll get a good picture to hang up in your bedroom. If you put it in a frame with thick edges, you can say that you have already made a real artwork.


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