The summer season started, and everyone is thinking of the sea. If you love the navy style and you want to arrange your house this way, we can teach you how to do it. It’s not difficult to get your dream come true especially with this simple tricks.


Choosing the colors – the most important step

Colors play an essential role in arranging a home or a room in this style. Blue and white are the basic shades in this decor. These can be combined with lighter shades of blue and shades of gray.


The living room, the place where you can dream with your eyes wide open

The living room is the place where you can dream about the sea and sandy beaches. Arrange this space according to your taste. If you love the sea, then you can paint the walls in marine shades and you may decorate the rest of the rooms with objects in lighter shades. Instead, if you like to dream about fine sandy beaches, paint the walls in bright shades and add decorations and furniture in marine shades. Regardless of the preferences, the possibilities are unlimited.


A Navy Bedroom

As for the bedroom, you have to keep in mind the same principles. If you want to paint the walls in shades of dark blue then be careful to choose the bed sheets in white shades.

A nice design idea for  the bedroom is to add white linen on the ceiling to create the impression that you are really on a boat. The furniture that best complements this design is the vintage one.


Navy Kitchen

It’s very simple to arrange a navy style kitchen. If you have a large, bright kitchen choose a dark blue furniture. Paint the walls in white or a very light shade of gray and decorate everything with wooden shelves in natural shades and decorations specific to the navy style. Instead, for a small kitchen, choose white furnishings and add marvelous blue decorations.


Decorations: Choose carefully

In terms of decorations, you can bring lamps and chandeliers into shades of gold or silver, but don’t overdo these colors. You can decorate the walls with paintings in which the ocean can be found, and for the coffee table you can choose a decor with shells and sea stars or coral.


Decorating the staircases and hall

Don’t make a big case with the staircases and hall decorations. You can get a dream decor by painting the walls in white and the ceiling in a shade of dark blue. Then decorate the walls with photo frames or paintings in which can be find marine sceneries.



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