Choosing the luminaries is very important. The type of luminaries must match the design of the room, but also it may in accordance with the size of the room. Although many people are tempted to choose a chandelier, it is not suitable for an apartment. This are the tips that you need to keep in mind when choosing lighting fixtures for your living room.


The living room is divided into different areas?

Often the living room can be divided into several areas. It can have a relaxation area with sofas and armchairs, but also a dining area or work space for those who have a home office. So before choosing the right luminaries you keep in mind all these areas. For each one you will need separate luminaries.


Luster or chandelier for the living room?

No matter how tempting it is to bring a chandelier in the living room, if you are living in a block, it’s not a good idea. A chandelier is suitable for a large, spacious and very high room. Rarely, a living room meets these conditions. In a normal apartment, a chandelier gives the feeling of choking and takes up too much space.


The lusters suitable for a living room

If you have a living room divided into two areas (dining and relaxation) you will have to choose a luster for each of them. The luncheon for dining should be positioned above the table, while the lounge luminary should be positioned above the coffee table.

You don’t have to choose chandeliers with multiple arms if you have a small space. You can choose a simple chandelier with a single bulb but with a special design. Instead, for the dining area, you can choose a chandelier with two or three bulbs, depending on the size of the space you have.


A floor lamp is a must have in your living room

The floor lamp should not be missing from the relaxation area. It should be placed near the couch or between a sofa and an armchair. The floor lamp is not only for a decorations but also to improve the lighting in your living room. It is perfect for evenings, especially when you want to read a good book.



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