Gold is not just a chemical element is the symbol of royalty, wealth and good taste. Over the time it was used for every type of decorations, from jewelry and coins to statues and monuments. It’s one of the most appreciated precious metals in the whole world because it does not corrode. In many ancient cultures it became the symbol of immortality.  Here are 7 modern ideas on how to use gold accents in your home!

1. First step of shining

First impression is the one that lasts! A front carpet like this will be remarkable and not easy to forget. Used here as an accent, it’s subtle enough to not be garish.


2. Gold frames for golden memories

This is a fancy but also lovely idea. Bring your old memories in style by adding them an elegant touch. You can make them by yourself or simply buy them. But is a guarantee wow factor!


3. Accessories

They can bring a luxurious spark to your room. Such objects don’t go unnoticed, they immediately catch the eyes attention. Jenny is teaching us how to create our own golden jars.


4. Use it in your bathroom

Gold can be used in every room of your home but with measure. Even your bathroom can be crowned with such accessories. Never thought about a golden shower, did you? Combined with marble it looks great.


5. The irreplaceable accessory

Mirrors are great decorative objects. Over sized, small, medium, bright colored, framed no matter how it looks or how big it is, a mirror it’s a girls friend. But golden mirror will be her best friend.


6. Paintings

Bring the spark to your living room too. Hang up a painting made with gold glitter. This is a new and very appreciated technique used on canvas. They look amazing will be a fantastic focus point for your room.


7. Clamps for curtains

They will work great with any color because a little accent of gold looks great no matter what.  But combined with white will conjure up a Greek influence. This decoration is really stylish and refined.





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