6 ways a mirror can completely change your home

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Mirror, mirror on the wall… Well, that’s not a fairy tale, but it’s a great idea for your home. Using the proper mirror, you can make your house look like a palace. Using it right a mirror can offer the feeling of a greater space, more light and luxury. That’s why, when choosing a mirror, you should consider this:

  1. Rounded edges

When having a tall room a rounded edge can add grace. A small embroidery can add style. Just place it next to a chandelier or a velvet sofa for an elegant look.

2. Vintage frames

A vintage look can be a perfect choice for an all white room or a cottage one. Also a French design goes amazing with this choice for a mirror. Just have a look here:


3. Contrasts

When looking for a modern yet sophisticated look just choose this color palette and add the light and depth of a mirror. Or maybe more then one, like in the image below:


4. Sophisticated look

This mirror is a work of art, isn’t it? In a room with this kind of an object you need to keep the design simple. Just add a contrasting color on the wall and less furniture for a spectacular look.


5. Bedroom mirror

You might think it’s an odd choice but not at all. A mirror placed behind a source of light will brighten the room giving it a warm feeling (just remember to keep the light yellow). And some ornaments matching the drapes will make the whole arrangement look royal.


6. Details of the mirror

A mirror like this can’t go unnoticed. It’s elegant, precious, versatile. So take advantage of it! Place some flowers in front so the bouquet looks bigger. They go great with pastel colors and soft touches like dusty pink or light yellow. Especially for the living room where you want everything to be flooded with light and warmth.


So what do you think? Do you have design mirrors in your home?


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