French decorating, especially Parisian style, brings an unique mysterious look to your home. Even a New York condo or a London apartment can look Parisian chic if you use some of the tips below: 

  1. Architecture is essential

Even and especially if you don’t own an old house with elaborate ceiling moldings, original restored herringbone hardwood floors or other specific architectural details, don’t give up your Parisian style home. Use an amazing chandelier or a painting frame with these specific elements.

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2. Cubism as a Parisian style detail

Of course, not everyone can own a Pablo Picasso or Georges Braque painting. But you can afford contemporary abstract works or even printings. The final touch is to frame them properly and to combine those abstract pieces with classical pieces. A sofa, a chair, maybe a desk with an old look.

3. Aging is a must

Talking about old looks… One of the most important things to remember when you look for a Parisian style in your house decor is to let things age. Or to place some antiques. It may be a rug, a sculpture, an old painting frame. It may be a coffee table or an armchair. The scratches, the small imperfections bring history to the interior and French homes are mostly about history. You can thus have a great eclectic interior with a Parisian touch that everyone will adore.

4. Long curtains

This is an important element in French design. It gives an impression of royalty, of an era of parties and glamour. Some other important elements: a touch of gold, like a mirror frame, or a picture frame, maybe a coffee table or some decorations, and crystal. Preferably as a chandelier.

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5. Flowers brings Parisian style in your home

Yes, something as apparently insignificant as flowers. But be aware. French people prefer flowers as the are. So choose a bouquet of roses or hydrangea, in one color. Place it at sight.

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