5 Nordic inspired interiors that you will absolutely love

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The Nordic design was a big trend the past years and still is. The simplicity, the soft lines, the functionality – they all drive us to a cozy feeling that makes us feel that we are home. That’s why the Nordic trend is still very popular so here are few interiors to inspire you:

  1. A great nook

Nordic design

A place like gives you the chance to be alone with your thoughts, to read a good book, to have a chat with your friends. Placed near the window, it gives you enough light so you feel comfortable. The faux fur at your feet gives warmth and coziness. The color palette is Nordic by definition: touches of grey and a bit of neutral, raw wood.

2. Nordic design and an accent sofa

Nordic design

Such a great feeling! Layers, soft textures, all natural and that great velvet sofa that gets all the attention. Another kind of Nordic design, a bit more sophisticated yet accessible.

3. Neutrals

Minimalist and clean, lots of white and a touch of gold. That’s another way to use Nordic inspiration in your home. What do you think?

4. Open space

Most of the Nordic interiors are open space. With a generous living and dining, it tends to create flexibility, functionality but also to give the inhabitants of the place a feeling of intimacy.

5. A gallery wall

The gallery wall wasn’t invented by the Scandinavian designers, that’s true. But still, this kind of display is as Nordic as possible. With the grey touches and the wood made bench, it all says Nordic design. And it’s great! Bring a bit of life to the interior by placing a big flower pot next to the window.

So… what do you say about Nordic design? Would you choose it for your home?

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