In 2018, shades of Violet prevail in home arrangement, especially Ultra Violet, a color chosen by the Pantone Institute as the color of the year. Designers emphasize more and more the warm light, natural materials and jewelry accents. Here are the main 4 criteria that have to be taken into account in arranging your home this year:

1. Opt for wood and natural elements

Wood and natural decorations should not miss from any home. Opt for wood furniture in natural shades and give up the plastics, or other artificial materials. At the same time, decorations made of natural elements should exist in any room, be they plants or wood decorations.

2. Light in warm colors

Lighting is very important in home decoration and remain one of the important design trends this year. One can give up the classic mid-room ceiling lamp without hard feelings, and mount several lighting sources in one room, to enjoy enough light in every corner of the room. Yet go for light in warm colors and give up the white cold light, which is not suitable for a relaxing environment.

3. Metal accents

Metal accents are in trend this year, too. Bronze, golden and silver are the shades that are in trend in 2018 and they match perfectly the color of the year, Ultra Violet. But they should not dominate a room, just complete the decorations.

4. Textures for a warm home

Elements like curtains, drapes, decorative pillows, carpets or rugs are again one of the major design trends this year. They bring a plus of comfort and warmth to a home. Moreover, this is a simple and fast way of giving a new life to an old design.

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