4 creative ideas to decorate your home entry

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You can recognize a welcoming home easily. The first sight is on the entry, the hallway. If there’s enough space, enough light, if the decoration is appropriate. All these little details make a huge difference. So let’s see few tips and tricks, creative ways to decorate your home entry:  

A Scandinavian hall

Being practical, the Northern people have reduced their lifestyle and implicitly the interior of their homes to simple things. But this does not mean that the hall is defined by austerity, it is rather designed to emanate warmth with just a few furniture items and decorations.

entry hallway decoration

For example, a typical Scandinavian entry hall can be decorated with a small number of items: a peg with key holders, a mirror, a table where you can store small objects, a basket for umbrellas and a chair on which you will sit when you put on your shoes to go out.

Rustic and modern entry

Another suitable layout for the hall of your home is a hall that happily mixes the rustic style with the modern one. The wood gives a classical shade to such a hall, and flower bouquets and decorative objects put in your visitors’ way give the appearance of a worm and welcoming place.

entry hallway decoration

Artsy style entry

Practically, a hall has to emanate the atmosphere of the entire house, so if you are an art fan, don’t be shy in letting this thing be seen starting with the entry. Artistic photos, paintings, vintage posters and other artistic decorations put on the walls of the hall can make a work of art that deserves your guests’ admiration. Don’t forget to provide – as a good host that you are – also an area where your visitors can rest when they enter your home. Two comfortable chairs and a wood bench with rustic appearance can improve the image of an artistically decorated hall.

Vintage style

Nothing seems to be more relaxing than the image of a hall decorated like the porch of an old man’s house. It is a project that requires a little wider room, but it can be easily put into practice if the hall of your home is large.

entry hallway decoration

A wood bench apparently old, maybe also having a storage box, to avoid crowding of the room with objects, next to an old peg and some decorative items found in grandparents’ house or bought from an old things fair can remake the atmosphere of an old and welcoming entry house.

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