Weekend days are perfect for creating home decorations. If you are a creative person and you want to save some money, instead of buying suspended shelves, you can create them yourself. This are the materials that you will need:

    • wooden boards in the desired color
    • emery
    • wood paint (optional)
    • rope
    • metal rings
    • scissors
    • saw
    • electric screwdriver


Step by step

1.Cut the wooden boards to the desired size, if necessary. Then use the emerald to soften the ends of the pieces.
2. You can leave them as they are or you can paint them in whatever color you want, using special wood paint.
3. In each corner of the planks give a hole with the electric screwdriver. Make sure they are large enough so that the string can go through them.
4. For each board you need two pieces of rope, equal in size. Their size should be adjusted by yourself, as required.
5. Using the holes given at one end of the plank, one end of each stair passes and fixes them with a knot. Add the metal ring and then fix the other two ends of the plank string. Then put a a nail in the wall and hang your new shelf.
6. You can use it for your flower pots or decorate the room with photo frames or decorative items. Of course, they can also be used as mini-libraries.


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