There are plenty of flats in old blocks that offer benefits such as very good location, subway access, parks, kindergartens or schools. Often such an apartment requires renovation. Whether it was purchased from some owners who did not invest in its renovation or did it 10-15 years ago, or you do not like the ceramic tiles installed in the bathroom and kitchen, there is a desire to renovate,  to have an apartment after your own good taste. 


However, you have to patient! The renovation process may take longer than you originally expected. Moreover, costs are often jumped over your initial estimate.

Find out more tips from the ranks below:

Change the central heating

As you know, a renovation involves large amounts of money. There is the temptation to save money by keeping certain objects in the old apartment. If you think about keeping the thermal plant installed about 10 years ago, it would be better to think again, so you don’t have to take a short time after the move to see that hot water is not flowing anymore.


Create the feeling of more space

We all know that the apartments in the old blocks are small. You probably dropped a closet to earn more space in the kitchen. If you want to get the feeling of more space in the bathroom, count on the warm colors. Choose tiles in light tones: white, white-gray, cream. Mirrors are also helpful to get the feeling of more space, as well as open furniture. In the case of parquet, you can also choose a bright one, like the color of the oak instead of the mahogany. Also don’t over crowd the room with many pieces of furniture.


Keep in mind the practical aspect

There is the temptation to purchase those objects that have a very attractive design. The impulse is to take them. But have you thought how practical they are? It can be a stove that is extremely hard to clean, an armchair whose material is difficult to maintain, a stone washbasin. Therefore, it takes into account the practical aspect. You will ease your life. Think all the time on the maintenance side. For example, installing parquet in moisture-prone areas in the lobby (winter footwear leaves water traces) and  in the kitchen will require more attention from you. If you don’t like to dedicate significant time for cleaning, polish, the practical aspect of your purchases is to be considered.


Measure before buying

After the hard part of the installation of the flooring, the tiles, the painting of the walls, the entire house is rebuilt, the furniture follows. The mistakes here can be closely related to the lack of prior measurements of the room.

Did you really enjoy that couch seen in the store? Did you keep in mind that you will occupy half the living room?

In the small apartments it is important that the furniture matches the size of the rooms. You can also keep in mind the custom furniture.


Take care of the budget

 If you are at the first renovation, the harder it will be to estimate the total cost of the renovation. It’s a good idea to have a B plan in terms of finances. 

The end of a renovation brings a great satisfaction! Imagine the joy of living in an apartment arranged according to your taste!



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