Your hallway is the first space that anyone sees when they come into your home. So, it’s very important how it looks and how organized it is. We are proposing 5 fantastic tricks that will make your life much easier.

1. Start fresh

Throw away the odds and ends: if it’s not useful anymore, throw it away! Don’t keep things just because they remind you of something or someone. Often, the hallway can get really cluttered with stuffs that we don’t need anymore.



2. Decorate the walls

Depending on how big or small your hallway is, you can add decorating objects in the first area of your house. You may create the same design that you have used in the rest of your house. Because it is right at the enter of your house you can hang a big mirror on the wall. This way you could always check yourself before leaving the house. Also, you can add a shelf for your keys, perfumes or whatever you’d like to put there.


3. Dressing in the hallway

This idea is just great if you want to save some space! Think about it this way: you can make your hole wardrobe there or you can make it the children’s closet. Or, you can even use to deposit the bed sheets, photo albums, etc. It’s a storage room that you will have in hand, and think about it this way: anyhow the hallway it’s only a passage to other rooms. So, don’t over crowd your living room or bedroom! Create a new storage space right in your hallway.


4. Install a shoe cabinet

Don’t let your shoes all over the place! You can save a lot of money by taking care of your footwear. Also, a cabinet can be bought or you can make one by yourself. They come in many shades, sizes and designs.


5. Focus point: a lamp

At the entrance you can install a lamp. It will be a real help when you get home late. Also, it will look great in a large hallway and it will make a great focus point.



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