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5 cheap DIY ways to make your home look posh

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Sometimes you wish to change something in your home but the budget is low or even not existent. So here are some cheap ways to make your house look more posh. Even if the changes are small and cheap, the effect is great!

Create a gallery wall

Or maybe just a framed bathroom or kitchen sign. Just write something original, print it and frame it!

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Make a house number sign

This is so easy! You only need wood and some door numbers you can find at almost any store. And your house sign will look amazing with some fresh flowers in. Or a flower pot so you don’t need to change the flowers any few days.


Organize your bathroom

Some shelves in the bathroom will not only help you de-clutter the space, but also will make the room look posh. Especially if you use some jars or fancy baskets to get all in places.

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Paint your knobs

Choose brass, copper, golden paint spray to make it look fancy. Or change them with gems, seashells or any other good looking pieces that would simply make an usual chest of drawers look amazing.

Make a brick wall

Another way to upgrade your home design and make it look incredibly posh is to create a brick wall. It makes the home look bigger, industrial style like.

So what do you think? Ready to upgrade your home?

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