7 ideas for a Scandinavian room

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The Scandinavian trend is still quite popular, especially in the urban homes where space is an issue or the lack of time makes us turn to minimalist decor. So here are some ideas for a Scandinavian room:

Natural colors

It’s one of the basic principles in Scandinavian room decorating. Choose wooden colors, brown, some neutrals, but not black, more like tones of grey and white.

Scandinavian room

Scandinavian room

Pick light shapes

Don’t go over your head with finding the proper furniture. Just go for the simple shape, straight lines, for the sofa and the coffee table. Go for pictures or inspirational messages on the walls. Not too many details. Again, less is more.

Scandinavian room

Scandinavian room

Unfinished pieces and amazing details

Combine some unfinished furniture pieces like a dining table with some amazing details like a brass or copper lamp. Abstract shapes are amazing in Scandinavian rooms.

Scandinavian room

A lot of light

Scandinavian rooms have lots of light. So big windows  and avoid curtains when not necessary.

Scandinavian room

Organize your Scandinavian room

Organization is important no matter the decorating style, but even more in Nordic designs where the lack of clutter is legendary.

Scandinavian room

So what do you think of these 7 ideas for your Scandinavian room? Would you like to have your home decorated in this style?

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