Kitchens are most of the times the most important place in a house. The space must be neat, clean, as easy to access as possible. Beside the obvious rules, there is another thing we should consider: the colour. For many, white is a proper colour for a kitchen especially because it gives you the feeling of sanitary.  But what do you think?

Yes for white kitchens

  • Increases the feeling of a spacious room
  • Goes amazing with pure, untreated wood
  • An accent piece like a pastel stove looks great
  • Open shelving is a great choice on a white base
  • Can be mixed with wooden, golden, silver or porcelain handles. Any choice is great!
  • Goes amazing with a dark coloured counter-top. Especially if it’s marble or stone.

No for white kitchens

  • It needs a special attention
  • Must be cleaned more often
  • Sometimes the material is more expensive

Here are some examples:

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So what do you think? Would you choose a white kitchen for your home?

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