Let’s make our kitchens more inviting and welcoming in 6 easy steps. As years passed by we have discovered that the most important room of any house is the kitchen. This is the room where all family members gather together after a long day, this is the place where magic happens. Whenever we recall an old memory, from our childhood at least once we’ll think about our mothers baking something good.

1. How to choose the color for your kitchen

As we were saying the kitchen is the core of the house so you’ll need to use a nice color for your walls. If we are discussing about kitchen trending we have to talk about this colors:

  • Powder Blue – a soft color palette that will add an emphasis of peace to your room
  • Red Burgundy – you can use this color for your counter tops
  • Avocado Green – this color will look great on your walls or on your furniture
  • White – specialists are saying that this is the perfect color to use in your kitchen, it creates the idea of a clean and more airy space.
This are some easy steps in picking the color for your kitchen.



2. Add flowers on your counters

Even if we are talking about flowers in a vase or in a pot this will add a feminine accent to your kitchen. Based on the colors used to paint your walls pick the flowers to be in harmony with the colors around them.



3. Tack your favorites plates on your wall

As we were talking in another article you could use your dishes to decorate the walls. This will bring a familiar air to your room and you can expose the most beautiful acquisitions.


4. Put down an antique runner or a rug

This is another easy step to make. This trick will add an interesting aspect to your room, depending on the pattern of the rug your kitchen will even become a little more rustic or it will be your window to the Orient.


5. Three easy steps to create your special candles

  1. pick some small containers
  2. fill them with coffee beans
  3. add a candle in the middle of it
Light it up and you’ll have a romantic dinner right in your kitchen.


6. Use your spices to decorate

The last but not the least easy step it’s about decorating your room with what every kitchen has: SPICES. Put your spices in same looking jars and arrange them in a cabinet. You can even use sticker to label your jars.


Photos: Pinterest.com, Lundin.se, Svenskfast.se.

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