Kitchens must be functional. The look is a secondary feature but when the kitchen has an amazing designs like the ones featured below, that is a plus. Here are some ideas that will make you love cooking again:

Minimalist kitchens

When you lack space decorating on the vertical is a great solution. Like the kitchen here, where every inch is used so that the owners won’t feel the lack of space.


All white kitchens

White and natural wood melt together. The combination is proper for a rustic influenced design, industrial, minimalist or Nordic design. White gives the design depth so the place seems more spacious.


Open space kitchens

When you have an open space, the most important thing to keep in mind is to create the idea of separate places. To cook, to eat, to keep the groceries etc. It’s not as complicated as it might seem. Choose a bold design for chairs in the dining area. Take advantage of large windows if possible and let the light get in.



Mixed neutrals

Kitchens seem limited when thinking about colors palettes. But you can go with white, wood, beige, grey all together. Another great idea is to have shelves where to place the tableware at sight. And some flowers.


Photos: Stadsem, Alvhem, Lundin

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