The kitchen is the most important room in your home, as we have said in other articles. This is the place where magic happens and where the whole family gathers. If you have a small home the kitchen is the room where you spend most of your time and is really important to be welcoming and cozy. While you are designing your kitchen try to add a little bit of your personality, this way you will feel more comfortable in this area.

1. Black and White

You can’t go wrong with this design! It’s simple and easy to make, and as a plus it will add an interesting look to your room. Even if we didn’t think a floor can be a focus point these kitchens prove us wrong. Using black and white hone you can create a mosaic look, a chess table look or you can play with them and create various patterns. Instead of black you can use any other color, maybe you will like to combine white and peachy, white and turquoise or white and brown. The style is in your hands!


2. Mix and Match

The image below it’s absolutely great! The combination between different patterns couldn’t look better. Mix and match is a really difficult thing to realize because not every pattern can be combined with another. If you want to try out this trick you have to take into consideration the following things: the colors must be from the same palette and if you’ll use a color to break the monotony try to use something that match. For example in the image bellow the main color is gray and the “breaking color” is especially red, but there are some point of blue and yellow.


3.  Fancy flooring

These floor tiles are absolutely fantastic! They give a chic and fancy look to your kitchen and they are an amazing focus point! You can choose from a very large palette the colors that you want to have in your kitchen. If you are opting for bright or strong colors as red, orange, green or blue try to keep your furniture simple. You don’t want to create a kitschy look!


4.  Black & White all the way

If you like the black and white combination you can design your whole kitchen with this colors. But remember to make sure that you are using the same hues, there over eighty shades of white.


5. Flooring and patterns

Patterns can look really great and they can change the overlook of your kitchen. If you are tired of your old flooring try out this amazing ideas! The kitchen is not the only place where you can use this amazing tip. You can also adopt a patterned flooring for your living room, staircase, bedroom or the hall. The choice is yours!



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