5 must have accessories for your kitchen

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Kitchen brings warmth in your home. It’s not hard to guess why this room it’s considered the centre of the house. All the magic takes place here, every delicious course is made here and every marvellous scent coming from this mystic room. So let’s give this room the credit it deserves and let’s find out what 5 accessories we all need in our kitchens.

1. An island

If you have enough space maybe you’ll consider to add an island in the centre of your kitchen. It’s practical and it’s brings an interesting and distinguished look to your room. You can make your own design that will help by bringing a lot of storage space.


2. A mosaic wall

Choose any colour you want for the mosaic wall. To create a luxury accent then use gold or coppery shades. This decoration will bring the spark you need to transform the kitchen in the focus point of your home.



3. Flowers

Bring poetry right next to your pots. It’s actually easy, if you are a bohemian soul then you’ll love this idea. With only a vase and some flowers you’ll see how much the vibe in this room will improve.


4. Use green

In many studies on how colors can affect your mood it’s certified that using green in your interior design will help you a lot. This color have a positive effect on your psychic. Be careful: a strong and bright shade can have the opposite effect of what you want. Recommended are pastel shades of green and the dark ones.


5. Vintage kitchen

Everyone loves a retro look. So you can bring this design into your kitchen too. Vintage accessories are highly sought after. Sometimes their price can be really high but don’t let that sink your ship. A full wooden furniture kitchen can hide really top objects from blenders to high-performance ovens.




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