Do you like to spend time in the kitchen? Then you definitely have to know these five tricks that will make your life easier.

1. Tricks for cutting perfect cake slices

cake tricks

It’s not easy at all to cut perfect cake slices. But you can use an easy trick to do that. All you need is dental floss. First of all make sure it’s not flavored, because the cake will have a funny taste. The dental floss helps you obtain perfect cake slices, without spoiling the glaze or the layers.

2. Don’t throw away squeeze bottles

Squeeze bottles, especially the ones for sauces, are very useful in any kitchen. So, once your bottle is empty, don’t trow it away. Wash it very carrefully and then use it for oils and vinegar, or homemade sauces. You’ll notice their squeeze tops work perfectly as you will use them to garnish your salads or other dishes.

3. Easy tricks to reheat pizza slices

pizza tricks

You don’t like to eat you pizza directly from the frigde? Then, you can easily reheat it using your waffle iron or your sandwich maker. First of all, grease your trays with a little bit of oil so it doesn’t stick. This way, you can reheat your pizza more quickly than with the oven. On the other hand, using the microwave is easy too, but it’s not healthly.

4. Tricks for perfect clear ice cubes

It’s not easy to obtain perfectly clear ice cubes, like those you see in restaurants. But, if you use this simple trick you can obtain at home the perfect ice cubes. First of all, you have to boil the water. In this way, all the impurities from it are lost. Allow the water to cool down for a while then put it in the ice cubes tray. Everyone will love your perfectly clear ice cubes!

5. Tricks to brew the perfect tea

tea tricks

Preparing the perfect tea it’s not as easy at it seems. Different teas require different cooking times. So, if you’re used to infuse all types of tea for 5 minutes then you’re making a big mistake. White, yellow or green teas need less time to infuse (2-3 minutes), while herbal or fruit teas can take up to 8-10 minutes infused.

For a perfect tea, you have to read the label carefully. Every tea has specifications about the amount of time thee infusion needs.

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