Your workspace needs to be clean and beautifully arranged, no matter where you work from home or office. The advantage of those who work from home is that they can decorate their work space at will, choosing their favorite colors and matching decorations. Here are the things you don’t have to miss from your desk if you work from home.

Play with the light

A light source is a must have for your workspace. You can choose either an office lamp or a high-legged indoor lamp that you can position near the desk. Choose a lamp that offers warm and not cold light, as the latter will lead to tired eyes.


Art objects

Place on your desk an art object to inspire you. It can be a miniature statue or a painting that adds value to the workspace. No matter what you choose, choose something to represent you.


Don’t forget to add some flowers

Whether we are talking about flowers in a vase, or we are talking about flowers in pots, you don’t want to miss them as desk decorations. If you don’t have space, you can add some miniature plants or for small vases to add a single thread of your favorite flowers.


Invest in an comfortable chair

When choosing your office chair try to be responsible and stay focused on your task. Choose a comfortable chair, but at the same time try to choose an ergonomic one to provide a good support for your spine. Avoid leather seats or leather imitation if you have pets.


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Storage rooms

Create storage spaces, so the office will always be ordered. An ordered office always increases productivity. If the office is positioned on the wall, take advantage of this to make shelves or even to install a cupboard above it, where you can store your items. And a roll box is a useful solution, but choose carefully. Keep on the desk only the writing tools, laptop and an agenda.



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