Fountains are essential for a garden with a special setting. They are a must have in your garden, because they give fresh air and spread peace and relaxation.

If you want to be special and your garden to be admired by everyone, we offer you some unique variants of fountains for your garden, which will surely attract the attention of all your guests, and the gardening enthusiasts will be envious of your decor. Here are some brilliant ideas:

 Wood fountain

If you want to have a rustic air, then the best choice for your garden is the wooden fountain. It is covered with a plastic, to withstand moisture and to keep it away from mold.


 Flower pots

Flower pots are very versatile and you can use them in your garden in many forms. Take three pots of different sizes and with their help you can create a unique well. Surely your idea will be taken over by others because it looks very nice and immediately attracts attention.


 Ceramic Vases

Easy to achieve and with a strong visual impact, the fountain in ceramic pots is an attraction in any kind of garden. Vividly colored, this fountain can be connected to the water using a solar energy system.


 Curtain Fountain

Though harder to achieve, the panel fountain is brilliant. Besides giving a sophisticated and elegant air to your garden, it is  perfect for long relaxing evenings in the summer.



This bamboo well can add a little Zen to your back yard or porch.



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