Decorating with a mirror provides a great opportunity for children to express their personalities, and can be a great opportunity for parents to learn more about their kids. Only follow the trends if they work for you, your children age and your home. Accessories are a great way to introduce a trend, because they don’t cost a lot of money. So, the easiest way to decorate is by using mirrors. Check out this amazing mirrors:

1. Bear mirror

This is an interesting way to decorate a mirror. You can make a bear, a bird or whatever animal your kid prefers. After that you can adopt a minimalist way of painting it or you can use bright colors to paint it all. The choice is in your hands.


2. Ice-Cream

Sometimes can be really difficult to make your child to stay in one place, especially when you are trying to arrange their hair. Using any of this mirror will be a really big help. For example: your kid is running all over the place and you can’t control it. All you have to do is to use one of this mirrors. Take down the ice-cream mirror and place it at your children height so that they can see it better. After that, start a story about that ice-cream or talk about the ice-cream you are going to buy them.


3. Kitty

Every little girl loves animals, especially cats. But, this mirror can be used by grown ups too. Because of its chic design and fancy color this mirror is a great accessory for women. Just imagine applying your make up in front of this lovely mirror!



4. Balloon

We have to admit that we never thought about a mirror shape balloon. But this one looks amazing! It’s a great accessory for your children room or for your living room… or even for your bedroom!


5. Bring animals in your home

With this ideas you can have any animal in your home. And as a big plus it looks adorable!



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