We bet your mother has a box full of buttons of all kind in the house. They are buttons of various shapes, sizes and colors, detached from the clothes that you no longer wear. Find out that you can create real decorative pieces by using this collection.

1. Colored bowl

To get a colorful bowl with which to decorate the living room you need a bloated bubble, transparent glue, and most likely two button-pressed buttons. With a brush, apply the adhesive halfway through the balloon, and then place the buttons in the order in which it appears to look the best. When finished, put the balloon to dry, and when the glue has hardened and the buttons fixed well, break the balloon and detach it gently.


2. Picture your love using buttons

Show your love using … buttons. No, it’s not a joke! With the help of these extremely useful accessories, you can also create a beautiful picture that express your love. How? You need a piece of cardboard or a plywood to put on in a beautiful material, then stick a piece of canvas cut in the shape of a heart. You still need some red buttons of different shapes and sizes to stick with glue.


3. An unique bouquet

Probably not how you first imagined the bridal bouquet, but that does not mean that the one in the picture below does not look good and you can not consider such a variant. In addition, you can keep it in this form until “until death due us apart”. First you have to create a wire and cotton structure and then put buttons on it, possibly some pearls among them or other ornaments so you can get an original bouquet.


4. Picture this!

Take the picture above and make a decorative piece to fit your photo and your partner. Surely it will be an element that will please and will not be unnoticed even by those who will pass the threshold of the house.


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