Do you dream of a luxurious headboard, like the ones you see in the magazines? You can create the head board of your dreams on your own, at home, without putting too much effort into it. Find out how simple it is!

What you need:

  • a nail board
  • sponge
  • resistant thread
  • buttons covered in fabric, in the desired color
  • regular buttons, with four wholes
  • sewing needle 15 cm long
  • 2 hooks
  • hot glue gun
  • tapestry stapler
  • fabric (preferably velvet) which you will use to cover up the head board

Measure the length that the headboard should have. It should be just as long as the bed. You can adjust the height according to preferences.

Cut the nail board according to the measured size and do the same with the sponge. Use a marker pen to mark on the board the spots where you will place the buttons. Place the board on top of the sponge and also mark the sponge, by way of making a whole in the respective spots.

Use a hot glue gun to glue the sponge to the board and cover it up with the fabric of choice. Sew the buttons in the marked spots and tie the thread all the way through the other end with the help of simple buttons.

Staple the fabric to the board using the tapestry stapler and add the hooks. Attach the headboard to the wall.

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