The bedroom is the place where we spend a lot of time. This is the room for relaxing and rest. When you decide to arrange such a room, you have to take into account several Feng Shui rules, if you want to enjoy positive energies.

Choose the right colors

While decorating a bedroom seems easy, Feng Shui rules are complicating things. Choose colors that induce a state of calm and relaxing. Chocolate and lime are shades suitable for a bedroom as well as other pastels.

The bed – essential in Feng Shui

The model of a bed is very important. Choose a high bed, without storage areas. The area beneath the bed has to be free, to allow the energy to move. Bed positioning is important, too. It should not be in line with the room entering door, it has to be on the opposite side, or in diagonal. In addition, it should have nightstands on its sides.

Feng Shui bedroom

Give up the electronic devices

No TV set, laptop, tablet or phone should exist in the bedroom. Not only in Feng Shui, but always because you need to rest. They all release negative energies that affect your sleep. If you use your mobile phone for alarm, buy an alarm clock, which works with batteries, and leave the phone in the living room when you go to bed. It is recommended to stay up with no phone or TV contact for at least one hour before going to bed so read a book rather than watching a movie.

Choose decorations carefully

Also the decorations in the bedroom have to be carefully chosen. They have to represent you and what you want to happen in your life. So, choose carefully the works of art that you put in the bedroom. Go for elements that bring balance.

Feng Shui bedroom

The plants, very important

Natural plants should not miss from a room if you choose to decorate Feng Shui style. They bring in prosperity and generate positive energies. Moreover, the oxygen released by them helps you have a better rest.

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