A bedroom must be the cleanest and the most relaxing room in a house. This is the place where we rest. During the sleep, our body has to recover after a difficult day, during which it was exposed to many negative factors from environment. But the recovery process is hindered by many persons without realizing it. And this is because they bring in the bedroom carcinogenic objects, which affect the body. If you have such things in the bedroom too, then get rid of them immediately.

Air freshener

In almost every home, there is at least one air freshener. Be it a spray, or a liquid or solid freshener, it is toxic for the human body. They are made with synthetic perfume and contain many chemicals in composition, of which many are carcinogenic.


Electronic devices in your bedroom

The electronic devices (telephone, hair dryer, electronic clock, internet router, etc.) produce radiations. They represent a carcinogen, according to numerous studies conducted in time. If you cannot “tear yourself away” from your phone, the best thing is to turn it on the Airplane mode while in your bedroom. In this way, the radiations produced by it are much lower.


Furniture made of synthetic leather

The furniture made of synthetic leather contains PVC, an endocrine disruptor, as well as other chemicals, which often contain toxic ingredients for a human body. In addition, they are fireproof. The substances with which they were treated are very toxic and they generate health problems including: cancer, hormonal imbalances and negative effects on brain development, especially for children.

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