5 cozy bedrooms that will steal your heart away

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Bedrooms are the most lovable rooms in one’s home. That’s why it is so important to decorate them accordingly to your personality. Bedrooms must be cozy, intimate, comfortable and serene. Here are some great examples of rooms that fill all this criteria:

  1. The green bedroom

Lots of light and lots of plants. But be careful! Plants should be flower free otherwise they might be toxic.


2. Minimalist bedroom

We love this bedroom design. So clean, simple, natural materials and lines. It’s the kind of decor that looks great in a loft but also in an old house with tall ceilings.


3. Cottage style

We all love the cottage style. For its coziness and small details that makes us feel at home. Many pillows, natural fabrics and all these small things that bring relaxation and joy.



4. Romantic touch

Natural touches of wood, some lace, white linen and a rough accent of iron. This is a romantic bedroom that you will simply adore. The privacy is limited, of course, but the lace… what a great idea!


5. Sleeping late bedroom

When you have this kind of space at your disposal most likely a bed would be the last thing to have in mind. But actually, this is a great idea. You could sleep late or you could just use the bed as a nook. Just make sure you have lots of pillows. Pastels are a great idea for this kind of bedroom.


Hopefully, this article was an inspiring one for you! We know how important it is to have a space where to regain energy and where you could feel at ease. Enjoy the weekend!

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