Organising of any kind can be a challenge, but organising a bathroom even more so. Why? Because usually this is a small space, not quite easy to organise, and it’s filled with small things like: toiletries, make-up products, toilet paper, towels, bathrobes. And all this is growing gradually together with the number of the inhabitants. So, how could you find room for some decorations too? Well, we’ll explain! 

Finding space

That’s the most important thing in organising your bathroom. Even if it’s a small space, you can find a way. Use a leather to put baskets and towels together. The baskets are great in keeping all kind of things together: cotton buds, make-up products, perfumes and whatever you think necessary. You can mix baskets, towels and decorations so it would all look amazing. Just like in the pictures below.

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If there’s not enough space for something this elaborate you should use all of the space. Even the one above the sink or the toilet. Use open shelving, it’s the best choice. And so to seem neat and clean just use decorative boxes and baskets. Here are some ideas:

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Leave a little room for…

Something that it’s just nice. Like this basket for toilet paper and these flower pots:

organising your bathroom

Or like these shelves:

organising your bathroom

No matter the style of the bathroom, it will give the impression of a very organised space. Also, keep the colour palette light. Maybe some accents. There are only few spaces that can handle a dark colour. If you choose it for a small space it might seem even smaller. But if you still want to go for a strong shade, than use it as an accent wall or even better use it for the furniture.

What do you think about organising your bathroom?

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