Bathrooms are your most private sanctuary, so it’s a must to make it a comfortable space. Create the perfect perfect design to match your personality. Maybe this 7 ideas will help you.

1. Make it rain

Rain showers are a new trend which gets more and more attention. First of all it looks great and it creates a calming effect throughout your bath. They come in many sizes and shapes. But no matter which one you’ll choose the pleasure is guaranteed.


2. Skylights

Forget about the obscure light. It’s not necessarily to have a low light to create intimacy. Skylights will transform your regular shower into a more refreshing and energizing activity. Because of all the light that will embrace the room you’ll always feel invigorated.


3. Stone and wood

Bring the spa atmosphere in your home. This idea is really innovative and novel for a house design. But why not? Other than it looks absolutely great this design have a fantastic effect on your brain.



4. Pebble floors

It may seem unusual but this trick is absolutely brilliant! Besides the fancy look that it will bring to your bathroom this concept is the perfect response to every slippery floor. The natural pebble stone grooves provide the needed traction between wet floor and feet.


5. Sunken tubs

This is something else! This design resembles very much with the way that romans used to arrange their bathrooms in ancient Rome. This is one of the most luxurious bathroom ideas, just imagine taking long baths there.


6. Minimalism in your bathroom

The minimalist design gained glory in the past few years. If you prefer a more neat and clean look than this concept is just right for you. With the clean lines, solid shapes and blank spaces it creates an all clean and efficient look.


7. Transparent tubs

Well sunken tubs aren’t the only ones on the red carpet, transparent tubs are here too! They look absolutely amazing and bring an interesting and unique to your room.



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