Interior design is a very permissive area that offers an infinity of possibilities. If you put your imagination a little bit to the test, in a few hours you can change the decor of a bathroom. And who knows maybe one day the entire house design. Here are some surprising ideas that will help you redecorate the bathroom in a few hours without too much effort:

1. Bathroom Walls

Bathrooms are small spaces, so repainting them would be the best option to refresh the decor. So with minimal effort, your bath might look spectacular in just a few hours, if you paint it in a simple basic shade and one accent wall, in a strong color combined with spectacular prints. To ease your work you can even use a decorative paint that comes with your own model.


2. Fabrics

If you don’t have time for painting, you can beautify your bathroom with a simple, colorful shower curtain. This will have a similar effect as an accent wall. Also, for more color, you can opt for some bright colored towels, which you can place on the shelves in the bathroom.


3. Art work

Another quick way to refresh your bathroom look is to add a bold piece, such as a work of art. Try to choose one that is in stark contrast to the rest of the decor.


4. New furniture

A new piece of furniture can quickly change the look of a bathroom. For example, choose a small table or shelf. Besides their decor purpose, these pieces could also be useful for storing objects. If you are dealing with a small space you can simply add only a vase. It will certainly refresh the atmosphere and draw attention to it.


5. Accent pieces

Wrought iron furniture and accent decorative objects, such as those with bold prints are fashionable this year. A wrought iron wicker or other accessories with spectacular geographic prints can quickly change the whole look of a simple and to monotonous bathroom.




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