Your bathroom would need a renovation, but you do not have the money to rebuild it? A fresh coat of paint can make a difference. But don’t choose white or a beige, use the colors that will let you visually enjoy this space.

1. Turquoise

You will fall in love with the breathtaking appearance of this blue water bath. Associated with white accents like these fresh comforters, it seems that it urges you to “throw” yourself into the steaming bathtub.

2. Olive

colorsOlive is a peaceful color, designed to evoke the feeling of calm and to transform the bathroom into an oasis of peace. From the color spectrum, green is the most noticeable hue for the eye and therefore much less stressful for sight. In addition, used in the bathroom, this color creates the perfect natural background for the rest of the organic elements, such as stone.

3. Pink

Every young lady will love to comb her hair in such a faerie bathroom. Especially if pink is the color that predominates in her wardrobe. Some interior designers even recommend this: painting the bathroom in the favorite shade, because this way you can feel much better, more comfortable. And do not forget! Pink works perfectly in combination with white.

4. Violet bathroom

A bold but very agreeable color is this violet. The bathroom tends to be a cold space, especially if you use a lot of sandstone or marble. But purple and violet tones can add warmth to this room.

5. Orange

A dark orange, containing brown tones, is also a very suitable color for a bathroom. You can paint the furniture and a wall or just a few vertical lines to add room height.


6. Strong colors

It is, in fact, a current trend in interior design, to associate white with a strong, vibrant shade like this green. Tones are even better when the bathroom has a good light.


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