The bedroom it’s not just a room, a place where you go to sleep and that’s all. No, the bedroom it’s your own sanctuary, it can be the place where imagination finds shelter or the room where you can be your true self. One over another, this room should reflect your personality and it should send the proper vibes to you. Let your imagination flourish and let’s master this tricks!

1.Make the ordinary extraordinary

You can use an old window frame: clean it, paint it and hang it up on your wall; you could even add a net and put pictures of your loved ones on it. Or, you can use an old ladder as an hanger. Everything it’s possible.


2. Over-sized light accessories

The lights will add a chic air to your room. It’s the perfect trick to create the idea of a girly and welcoming bedroom. You can choose any color as long as it’s from a soft palette. Usually you can find them in shades as peachy pink, lavender or white.


3. Use color as accents

Even if we are talking about an entire wall or just a little lamp using a bright or a strong color it will definitely change the look of your room. But take notice, colors do affect your mood and can improve it or make it worse. So you must pick wisely!



4. Wardrobe

In many homes this is organized in other rooms or it’s even a whole room. But if don’t have that kind of space don’t worry. You can have your wardrobe near your bed but remember this trick: always keep it airy and don’t overcrowd it.


5. Light up your wall

This is a great trick to bring the whole sky with the stars in your own bedroom. It will create a special and intimate mood and it will make you feel all comfy and cozy. It may seem as an unpopular and odd solution to decorate your walls, but once you’ll hang them you’ll notice the difference and you’ll love it!


6. King size bed

Of course for your comfort you’ll need a king size bed. It’s perfect in the cold winter nights, when you’ll crawl up in your bed with a good book and cup of hot chocolate. Or, in the summer because all the space that you have and you won’t get warm at all.


7. Bedsheets

This is the final trick from our list, it’s mandatory for your sheets to have the right pattern, the right color and the perfect texture. At the end of the day you’ll want to feel the hug of your cozy sheets and not some old and stiff material.

Hope all these tricks will make your bedroom even cozier than it already is! Feel free to share thought and inspiration!


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