An extra room never hurts, and an unused garage can be ideal for adding a new homeowner. Here’s what can become this space and what you need to do to become more appealing:

1. Create your private studio

It is clear that in the house you find it harder to create a place where you can make your masterpieces peacefully, whether it’s about projects, painting or even music. The Garage can be a perfect space. Assemble a few shelves and a desk you have created your own creative space.


2. A fun room for teenagers

Once you have removed the unnecessary shelves and cleaned the garage, you can start painting it to make it a room for teenagers.

Children will enjoy a space where friends can visit. Paint the walls in strong colors: green and orange can be a fashionable combination this year. Several suspended bodies and a couch will create the impression of room for young people. Remember that your garage floor has a natural inclination to allow the water to drain into the outside. It’s a good thing to consider when setting up the floor of the room.


3. From garage to gym

You can save the money you normally spend on fitness and invest in your own gym. The former garage is the ideal space to store them. In addition, you will also enjoy intimacy when you do your rejuvenating exercises.


4. A little “Cuisine”

If you want to have a quiet corner, just for yourself, you must do this! Install a small refrigerator, an electric hob and a toaster in the garage. Add a cabinet for a few kitchen utensils. Check the thermal insulation of your garage. It can be one that will give you the necessary comfort or a lighter one that will make you tremble next to the coffee kettle on the cooler days. It uses space heating or cooling systems separate from those of the house. There is no point in wasting your money to climate a space you do not always use.


5. Tools and Cleaning products

Use this space to store the tools you use in the garden. The rake, the motorbike, the watering hose or the sprinklers will be perfect here and you will also have them by hand all the time.



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