You want to redecorate your bathroom, but you don’t know what style to choose?Here’s how some homeowners decorated their bathrooms and we have to say that it looks amazing! Would you set up your bathroom like this?

1. Blue

If you like the color blue, no matter the hue, then you will adore this bathroom! Starting with the ceiling and finishing with the mirror, this bathroom is dressed in mosaics that remind us of the baths in the Mediterranean areas. Although arabesques on the walls seem to be slightly crowded, they do not suffocate the room, and the turquoise cabinets bring us the illusion of the sparkling waves.

2. Floral Wallpaper

If you like flowers then do not hesitate to use them in the design of your bathroom walls in a floral wallpaper! The owner of this bathroom did not do it and here’s how beautiful the final result is! Nobleness and beauty of peony combine in a perfect setting with the black marble of the sink and the golden details on it. And to finish the design she add a vase of freshly picked peonies,this accessory could not miss!

3. A couch

Although it seems unusual, adding a sofa to the bathroom is not a bad idea! Think about how useful it can be when you are waiting for your bathtub to get filled or when you simply can not find another corner in which to read your book in silence. Mosaics and Arabesques seem to be the trend of 2018! Look at how well the bathtub mask looks, dressed by small pieces of tile decorated in the colors used in the bathroom!


4. Marble

Marble is an element that will always give a fancy look to a bathroom! Provides elegance, style and a slightly eccentric appearance to a room! Of course, it is appropriate to use marble only if space allows us, if we have a small bath there is the risk that the effect will be an over-agglomeration! Here’s how good white marble looks in combination with a green wallpaper!

5. A Greek Bathroom

The blue shade chosen for the tile and the gold elements in combination with the wall compartments reminds us of the Olympics Legends. This room seems to be detached from a Greek house and thrown into a city apartment. Although only two colors are used, this camera succeeds to impress us through the beauty of its simplicity!


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