Every balcony should have at least a few plants, depending on it’s size. Plants transform any balcony in a relaxing and enjoyable place and bring a bit of extra life to it. Here are three plants that anyone should have in there balcony.

Mint (Mentha spicata)

balcony plants

Mint is the perfect plant for any balcony. It keeps insects away from your balcony and spread a fresh and relaxing aroma around. Furthermore, mint can be use in the kitchen and as a medicinal herb.

Mint loves moist soil, so be careful to water them regularly. To extend the growing time of the plant, you will need to remove the flowers. Also, pinching the mint, helps to grow a bigger bush.

Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

balcony plants

This beautiful gold, orange, yellow or white flowers are perfect for decorating any balcony. They are easy to care for. More than that, they are insect repellent, so you will not be bothered by undesireable insects. On the other hand, they attract butterflies in your balcony.

Marigold needs watering after the soil is completely dry on the surface. You can water the plants thoroughly every three to four days.

The best thing about Marigolds is that you need to buy seeds only once. Then, in autumn, when they dry you can harvest seed from them in order to plant new Marigolds in spring.

Ferns (Pteridophytes)

balcony plants

Ferns are perfect if your outdoor space is a shady one. As ferns are suitable to be grown in containers, they are the perfect plants for a balcony with partial to full shade, and even as indoor plants.

Ferns need to be watered regularly in order to keep the soil moist, but be careful not to water the soil to much. A soggy soil will bring death to your fern. You can add fertilizer to your fern once a month from April to September.

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