Scented shrubs must be found in any garden. These awesome shrubs not only make your garden look great during hot season but you will enjoy their fragrance, any time you relax in your garden. Here are three scented shrubs that you have to must have in your yard.


scented shrubs Jasmine

Jasmine is a scented shrubs that release a pleasant, sweet and delicate fragrance. Its delicate flowers, coloured in white and yellow shades, open after sunset and will fill your garden with a delicate scenting.

This shrub does not need special care. It adapts easily to both a sunny place and a shady place. This plant is resistant to diseases and pests and needs watering only during periods of drought.


scented shrubs Wisteria

Wisteria are another scented shrubs. Their flowers can colour your garden in shades of white, yellow, pink or purple. Its flowers, arranged in the form of bunches, release a discreet and delightful fragrance in the air.


These scented shrubs will bring color and joy in your yard. More than that, it not difficult to care about them.

Wisteria can be planted near the house or the fence to allow the branches to stretch over it. You only have to water them during dry summer periods. Watering must be done after sunset.

In order to stimulate its flowering, Wisteria shrub needs annual cutting. These can be done either in late autumn, after the shrub loose all its leaves, but before the frost approach or in early spring, before the first buds appear.


scented shrubs Lilac

Lilac shrubs touches with its beautifully scented and beautifully coloured flowers. There flowers are coloured mostly in purple and white, but there are varieties with yellow and pink flowers. Lilac flowers blooms from mid spring to early summer.

Lilac can be planted from April to May, in a sunny place of your garden. In the first month from planting, Lilac needs watering twice a week. After that you only have to water the Lilac once a week.

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