Everyone loves roses. This plants are really delicate and beautiful. They are the symbol of love and by adding them into floral arrangements you’ll create a bohemian decoration. Let’s learn how to grow our own roses from the video below.

1. Roses

Take a rose rod, clean the leaves on it and cut off the flower.

2. Potatoes

For this step you will need a potato and a drill. In the center of the potato make a hole with the drill. After that, take the cleaned rod and stick it in the potato.

3. The pot

After you have done step 1 and 2 take the pot in which you want your rose to grow. It would be preferable to pick the pot, in which your rose will remain, based on the design of your garden. You can use small bucket as a pot, it will look fantastic!

4. Soil

Fill your bucket up to half with soil then add the potato with the rod. The next step is to pour the rest of the soil until your pot is almost full.

5. Plastic bottle

I bet you are wondering what you’ll need a bottle for. Well you will cut it in half and then you’ll only you the half with the cap. Place it on top of your plant with the plug tight. This trick will make your flower to grow faster and healthier. It creates the same ecosystem that plants usually have in the summer.

6. Water

Well this is the last thing you have to do. After you have done all the steps above, simply water your rose and leave it in a place where it has a lot of light. Remember: plants need light in the morning for their photosynthesis and a little bit in the afternoon. Also, do not wet it too often. In summer plants require water every day but in autumn and winter they have to be watered once or twice a week.

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