Bring joy and color to your home with two floral arrangements perfect for decorating your home on Easter. You can create them by yourself withouth spending a lot of money. They are perfect for decorating the easter table or the coffee table or even to give them as a gift.

Floating tulips floral arrangements

floral arrangements easter

This is one of the simplest floral arrangements that anyone can make at home easily. Here is what you need:

  • Tulips
  • Miniature rose plant
  • Delicate branches
  • Clear glass bowl large enough to fit your flora
  • Water

Make sure the glass bowl is perfectly clean, then fill it with water. You can add in the water a little fertilizer for cut flowers. Mix it thoroughly until it fully dissolves, and make sure it doesn’t colour the water.

Cuts a few small roses buds off from the stems. Gently spread the petals out to make a flatter base that will help them float on the waters surface.

Cut the stems of the tulips and leave them only one leaf. Place them on a half of the bowl, as shown in the picture. Then, cut the tree branches and place then beside the tulips. On the other side of the bowl place the small roses flowers.


Depending on the size of the bowl you can use one, three or more tulips. Be careful not to overload it.

Floral arrangements with asparagus

floral arrangements easter

From asparagus and brightly coloured flowers you can create a very spectacular arrangement. It’s perfect to decorate your home on Easter or to be given to someone dear without spending a lot of money. In order to create it you will need:

  • Tube vase or jar
  • Shallow dish
  • Bundle of asparagus
  • Assorted spring flowers
  • Two rubber bands
  • Ribbon

Cut the asparagus so the tips to be just an inch abobe the vase rim. Add two rubber elastic around the jar, leaving a distance of 8-10 cm between them. Place the asparagus threads, one at a time, under the rubber bands. Put them close together and continue until the vase is completely dressed in asparagus.

After placing the asparagus, fill the vase with water and add the flowers. Cut there stems, if needed, so they can be at the same level. Add as many flowers as you need in order to create a rich bouquet. Among the flowers you can add a few decorative leaves, if you desire.

Put the arrangement on the shallow dish. Cover the rubber elastic with the ribbon, then fill the dish wit fresh water so that the asparagus remain fresh for a few days. Change the water as needed.

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