Easter is almost here. If you have already decorated your home for Easter, don’t forget about the garden. This is the place were the children will play and will go for the Easter eggs hunt. So, make this space warm and colourful so that anyone can enjoy it.

Easter Bunnies

Easter garden decor

White bunnies are perfect decorations for your garden. Place them everywhere you desire. If you have a small yard, you can place the bunnies on the porch. If the rabbits are big enough to carry a basket, you can fill it with spring flowers.

Easter eggs

Easter garden decor

You can create some big Easter eggs yourself, or you can buy them. They are cheap and will bring joy and colour to your garden. Beside this, children will adore them.

An wreath

Easter garden decor

An Easter wreath shouldn’t miss from your front door. If you find them expensive, here are some Easter wreaths you can create at home, with little or no money. It’s easy and fun, and you will obtain an unique wreath, that anybody will appreciate.

Easter table, outside

Easter garden decor

The weather is warm and you want to spend more time outside? Then place the Easter table in the garden. Decorate the table with white, green and yellow colours. You can add an white table cloth, some green napkins and bring a vase with white and yellow spring flowers.

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