No plant is impossible to kill, but there are a few plants that are more resistant, being perfect for those who do not have the time to care for them or forget them from time to time. Here are the hard-to-kill plants that anyone can grow in the house.

African Violets

African violets plants

It’s no wonder that the beautifull Violets are some of the most popular apartment plants. Violets are extremely easy to care for and bloom more than once a year. You only have to keep them near the window, because they need a lots of natural light. Then, make sure the soil is always wet.

You cand do that by putting a string in the violet pot, then add the pot in another pot that it’s filled with water. In this way the plant will only take the amount of water she needs, and you don’t have to worry about watering it too much.



Aloe is another easy to care of plant. Beside being a medicinal plant, Aloe is an ornamental plant too. All you have to do is to provide her with water once a week during summer and every two weeks during winter. Then place it at the window, because she needs a lot of natural light and sun.


ivy plants

Ivy is another easily to care for apartment plant. She is not at all pretentious, and she can adapt easily in a shady room or even in a sunny place in your house. It needs to be watered once a week during winter and twice during summer.

Spider Plant

Spider Plants

Spider Plant is also an easy to care for plant. In addition, it’s a fast-growing plant and develops “babies” which you can plant in other pots. It’s almost impossible kill this plant if you pay a minimum of attention to her! This plant must be watered only once a week, at most twice, during the warm season.

Peace Lily

peace lily plants

Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum is an ornamental plant, easy to care for. Its leaves are dark green coloured, witch contrasts with the white flowers, creating a very pleasant visual appearance. In addition, according to NASA researchers, this plant filters toxins from the room releasing oxygen instead.

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