A gazebo is the perfect place to spend time in your garden. Here you can rest in the hot days of summer or read a book, when you want to spend time alone. Or you can spend time with your friend or family, drinking a cold lemonade or a bottle of wine.

If you don’t have a gazebo yet, this is the perfect time to build one. Here are five great ideas to inspire you.

1. A romantic gazebo


If you have a small garden full of flowers, then you can consider building a romantic gazebo. A white gazebo is perfect for this type of garden. Grow, next to it, climbing plants like roses to surround it. Inside, add some wood benches and chairs in the same colours and decorate them with pillows. You will get the perfect place for a relaxing day in a hot summer days.

2. A rustic gazebo


Perhaps one of the simplest gazebo is this rustic one. You can build it in less than a day. Instead of exterior walls, add some curtains on each side on the gazebo. This way you can benefit of shade regardless the position of the sun.


3. The little house gazebo


A gazebo that looks like a little house with no walls is the perfect place to relax in. Here you can gather your friends and family and you can even throw a party. So if you have a big garden this may be the perfect choice for you.

4. A modern gazebo


If you want a modern and relaxing place to rest in, during summer days, you can arrange a turret like the one above. It combines rustic style with modern one. The sofas, the coffee table and the chairs give it the modern air that you dream of. Instead, the construction reminds of mountain chalet.

5. A gazebo on the edge of the pool


Do you have a pool in your garden? Then a gazebo built right on the edge of the pool is the perfect place to relax. Here you can relax reading a book or you can rest after swimming on hot summer days.

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