Do you like to spend time in the garden, but the mosquitoes are bothering you? You can easily get rid of them using coffee or repellent. Here is what you have to do in order to enjoy relaxing nights in your garden.

Use coffee to get rid of mosquitoes

coffee - garden mosquitoes

Coffee is a god repellent for mosquitoes. There are two ways of using it.

1. Fresh coffee

Fresh ground coffee must be put in a metal container. Place the container in the garden, near the relaxing place and put it on fire. The coffee burns very slowly. Its smoke and fragrance repel the mosquitoes from your garden.

2. Used coffee


Don’t throw away the coffee grounds after making coffee. Save the coffee grounds after making coffee and put them in a bowl covered with aluminum foil. Leave the bowl it in a cool, dark place until the grounds are completely dry.

When the grounds are completely dry, move them in a metal container and burn them. They have the same effect as the fresh ones.

Note! For an outdoor event, you might want to set up several of these burning coffee grounds containers surrounding the area of the gathering.

Use lavender to get rid of mosquitoes

lavender - garden mosquitoes

1. Plant lavender

The relaxing and fragrant flavor of the lavender is a natural repellent for mosquitoes. All you have to do is to plant lavender around the relaxation spot in your garden. When the lavender blooms, the mosquitoes will no longer appear in your garden.

2. Use lavender essential oil

An alternative of the fresh lavender is to use lavender essential oil. Spray over the place of relaxation or directly onto the skin. In this way you can easily get rid of mosquitoes.

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