Warm season is already here and many people enjoy spending time in their own gardens. If you don’t have a garden but you love plants and you enjoy spending time in nature, you can bring it inside your home, with a few easy tricks.

1. Small pots with succulents


Small flower pots with succulents fits perfectly in any space. You can place them in the library, in front of your favourite books, on the coffee table, on suspended shelves or in any other space you desire. The advantage of these pots is that they came a a large variety of shapes and colors, being perfect for each room.

2. Lichen walls


Lichen walls became very popular in the last years. Besides the fact that such an wall will transform your house radically, it also have a lot of benefits for your health. Lichens bring the room humidity level a normal point and air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

In addition, lichen walls are recommended for people suffering from allergies, as they don’t produce allergens or irritants. The life span of the lichen walls is about 10-15 years, and the advantage is that you don’t have to take care of them.


3. Suspended plants


If you don’t have enough space to decorate your house with flowers, you can add some suspended pots inside your room. These can be placed everywhere in the house, where you have an empty space, like corners or near cabinets.

4. Living paintings


Living painting, have succulent instead of canvas. You can create such a paint by yourself or you can buy one already made. They can be used to decorate an empty space on your wall, or even to decorate your office.

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