Any garden should have a space were you can stay and read, eat or just to relax. Even the smallest gardens can be transformed in a relaxing place for all the family. Here are five ideas to decorate any garden.

A comfortable sofa


If you won a big garden, then you have enough space for creating a relaxation zone. So, a sofa is a must for you. Depending on the space you can choose a simple sofa or a corner sofa. Of course, beside the sofa you can put some matching armchairs. Put a coffee table in the center and this will became the perfect place to drink your coffee in the morning, or some wine with your friends in the evening.

A bar in your yard


Do you love throwing parties at home? Then a bar in the garden is all you need. Don’t forget to place a table and some chairs near it, so you can serve your guests with appetisers or deserts. If you have enough space, you can also add a tiny outside kitchen and a barbecue.

A cozy space for your family



If you have a small yard, you can decorate a cozy space for your family in a corner, and fill the rest of it with flowers. For your cozy corner you need a round table, some chairs and a huge umbrella, if you don’t have shadow from a tree.

A dinning space in your garden


Do you love having dinner with your family or friends in your garden? Then make a dinning outside your house. You need a big table and some chairs. Add gravel on the ground and some outdoor lights on the trees nearby.

Decorating a small yard


If you have a small yard, you can set up a space for drinking your coffee or for reading a book. Place a small table and some chairs in your yard, or an outdoor swing, or even both. To make your garden look bigger, you can place a big mirror in your garden and decorate the rest of it with plants.

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