The shady areas of the garden are often neglected because nothing seems to grow over there. But there are many plants that love shade and grow beautifully in those areas. So, if you have a shady garden or a shady area in your garden, don’t give up. You can grow many beautiful and colourful plants there.

1. Heuchera

Heuchera plant

This is a perennial plant with decorative foliage and beautiful flowers. Heuchera grows well in shady gardens. It is known as an easy spreadable plant. It requires a small amount of care, so it is perfect for busy people that don’t have time to take care of the garden. Heuchera flower blooms at the end of spring and can last for a few weeks or for all the summer.

2. Pulmonaria plants

Pulmonaria plants

Pulmonaria is very colourful and pretty, being perfect for decorating your shady areas of the garden. This plant loves wet soils and atmosphere. They grow well at flat areas but can also adapt in mountainous areas.

Pulmonaria flowers are red when they bloom. In time they change their colour in violet and, at the end in blue. Pulmonaria is one of the few plants that grows even under a walnut tree.

3. Astilbe plants

Astilbe plant

Astilbes are perennial plants and they are cultivated by gardeners for their beautiful foliage that makes any shady area of a garden to be the central point of the garden. Their flowers can be white, pink or purple coloured, and they have a strong and pleasant smell. Astilbe plants grows well in abundant moisture and they love soils rich in hummus, but they can also grow in clay soils.

4. Digitalis purpurea

Digitalis purpurea

Digitalis purpurea is a herbaceous biennial or short-lived perennial plant. The foliage forms a tight rosette at ground level in the first year. The second year, the plant can reach up to 1.5 m tall.

It’s flowers are mostly purple, but there are varieties with pink, rose, yellow, or white flowers. The flowers that bloom in early spring form a bunch at the top of the stem.

5. Aureola


Aureola, also known as Hakonechloa macra, is an ornamental grass loved by many gardeners for its beauty. It doesn’t need attention therefore being perfect for busy people. Aureola forms dense and rich bushes. There leaves are long and light green with dark green colours. Aureola blooms from August to September and its flowers are yellow-green. Aureola grows well in shady areas and prefers fertile, rich, moist and well-drained soils.

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